Commitment to sustainability

We promote sustainability throughout our business ensuring we are minimising waste, increasing efficiency and only use natural fibres. 


Designed to last

Taking a long-term and resourceful approach to our clothing, we offer a permanent, all year collection of clothing and accessories. 

  • We create sustainable basics that last.
  • We design and create everyday items that will last through the wear and tear and survive changing fashion trends. 
  • We use fabric offcuts to create headbands, scrunchies and earrings - minimal waste.

Love thy Farmer cotton fields

Fair production

As a sustainable brand, we work with our carefully selected suppliers and manufacturers. 


Plastic-free packaging

Our orders are packed using minimal packaging and shipped to you using Better Packaging Co. compostable packaging. The original compost pack 'dirt bags' are certified home compostable, fully biodegradable.


Better Packaging Co compostable dirt bags


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